There are a few things I just end up collecting.

I don’t know how it starts, and I never really know how it ends*, but it always happens with clothes I feel good in, that go well with everything, are easy to clean**, and work in every season.

I must have six or seven denim shirts. There’s even one that I bought three of. The Maje shirt in the photo up top… I just couldn’t resist. I got one that came prewashed and two in raw denim, seeing as raw denim inevitably*** gets… washed. And I know that with brands like Maje, the clothes only are in the shop for one or two seasons, and so you only get so many chances…

That’s what bugs me. The denim shirt is a classic, but I can never find THE brand that makes THE perfect denim shirt and then keeps it in store as a classic. Everyone has a denim shirt, yet it’s still impossible to get your hands on a perfect classic. Even Levi’s doesn’t have a specific cut for a denim shirt that stays the same no matter what the rest of the fashion world is doing. The tailoring changes all the time.

I’d like to be able to buy them like I buy Converse, Equipment shirts, Repetto ballet flats and stripped LeMinor shirts… The true classics!!!

Time to start my own brand or what?

Ha! No wayyyyyy!

* Buried under a mountain of denim shirts?
** It seems so dumb to say that, but I’m the type to forget a bag of clothes for the dry-cleaners somewhere behind a door and by the time they finally get to the dry-cleaners, I forget them there. So clothes that are dry-clean only, I usually only get to wear twice a year.
*** Or rubs off on my skin and I become blue.

Translation : Tim Sullivan