I got this red Tom Ford lipstick for a photo shoot I was working on a few days ago and I fell so totally hard for the packaging.
I wanted to get a picture of it before I even thought about trying it on and having my lips forever erase the two letters engraved on the tip.

Aaaaaannnnh, Toooom !!!
And plus it smells so darn good. This lipstick is a full sensory experience in and of itself.

Fetishize much?

I dunno, but one thing’s for sure, when it comes to make up, packaging makes up like… 70% of my impulse to buy. Okay, maybe even more…

With my beauty products it was much of the same, but I’ve stopped since then. I have a huge proclivity for natural products in amazing packages with the scent of essential oils that are to die for (well hello Aesop, nice to meet you Kiehl’s) but I’ve stopped with all that since my dermatologist said that essential oils can compromise my skin.

Since then, I’ve started using products you can find at the pharmacy that are all packaged nice and ugly. But my skin is delighted, so…

Back to make up. I know that the price rarely determines the quality. A few of my favorite lipsticks are from L’Oréal. I love Maybelline mascaras and I’ve always been a big fan of the Bourgeois blushes.

It’s not the price that determines the quality, but it’s definitely the price that determines the packaging. My favorite packaging is by Guerlain (Aaaaaah, powder all in gold?!), Armani (lipstick with a magnetic closer… sublime AND magical), Chanel, YSL…

You know, when I’m armed with some crazy cool packaging, I have no problem whipping out my powder or lipstick in public. :-)

Such a makeup snob…

How do you chose your makeup? What are some of your favorite brands and why? C’mon, fess up!!! ;-)

Translation : Tim Sullivan