This vintage post is so old !!! It’s from 2007, a time when I didn’t even know Scott. Crazy !


He’s finally home again, but my boyfriend was gone for three weeks. He’s a musician, and he was on tour. Three whole weeks…

Week 1: So good. I redo the whole apartment, girlifying it a bunch. My magazines are sprawled out in the living room, my nail-polish on the table, and Lunar Park, which I’ve had to finish for the two months now, is beckoning me. Written across my forehead: do not disturb. I call a few friends and make some plans for later dates and let myself fall into the joyful arms of solitude.

Oh wait, my boyfriend’s calling me! “All is well, yes, yes, kiss, goodnight!”

Week 2: Amazingly good. The fridge is filled with some rare oddities: broccoli, tofu, moisturizer. I am starting to miss all of the chocolate mousse I usually deny myself when he’s around. The telephone is sitting in the middle of the coffee table, like it’s waiting for something. Better not miss a call. I start planning my weekend on Monday. An old friend is coming to spend a couple days in Paris. I’m abnormally happy about it.
My boyfriend calls. All is well. “Hey, want to know what happened to me? What do you mean you don’t have time to listen? AND you’ve got nothing to tell me? What do you mean tours are always the same? Yeah but exaclty the same how exaclty? You know I love when you tell me what’s going on in your life. You have to go? But waaaaiiiiitttt!!!”

Week 3: I’m on a chocolate mousse run, cell phone in hand, of course. Hey, what if I went to pick up 10-15 paperbacks at the bookshop? That way, I am sure I won’t get bored. And I think there’s supposed to be a good movie tonight on TV. Funny Face? What a perfect night! Okay, movie’s over. It’s still early. I’m still alone. Internet. I get an e-mail from a friend. I respond right away.
You don’t have MSN messanger? she asks me.

Nope, I say. Now I know I’m missing out on the invention of the century.

Well get on Gchat then! She says.

Wait whaaa?

Three hours later, all we’ve done is talk about whatever. Funny whatever, but really whatever. That said, I feel ready to spend another night alone. So proud of myself. I’m so independent.
The next day, I tell my friend she needs to get on Gtalk. I spend the next three days harassing her.

Somewhere in all that, my boyfriend came home. So happpppyyyyyyyyy !!! My friends that I have been harassing all last week don’t hear about me at all for one solid week. And then…

So… When’s your next trip?