I love freckles. When I met Brittany at The Standard, in Miami, in one second I knew I wanted to take a picture of her, no question. I liked her style, her attitude. But looking at the pictures yesterday, I realized that what I loved even more was her freckles.

(Well and that Stella Hawaiian shirt. How I loved that collection !)

I never told you about that detail I love so much.

My freckles are one of the things I’ve always liked about myself. My face is covered with freckles, and they always pop in the summer. On the first sunny day they appear much to my pleasure.

What I find weird is that I’ve met a lot of girls who hate theirs. I’ve heard there is even lotions to make them disappear. When I am getting my make up done, for a picture for example, more than once the make up artist hides them unders layers of foundation and powder. Or, pof !, they disappear after retouching. Super annoying !