As I’m writing you now, I’m still in Miami. The weather is perfect. The birds are singing and I’m laying out…
…On my bed, where I’m fighting a raging fever that’s been attacking me since last night.


You know when you try EVERYTHING to rest and relax but EVERYTHING gets in your way?

Yep, that pretty much sums up our weekend in Miami :

We were patting ourselves on the back for reserving an awesome hotel, old Miami Beach style, sooo nice.

We get to the hotel and realize we messed up the name of the hotel, and so we messed up the reservation, and so we also messed up… the entire weekend. We try to stay positive and say that everything would work out even if our new found hotel had made some questionable design choices. Just in case, we check with the hotel we actually wanted to stay at if they had any available rooms (at this point, we remember the name of the hotel perfectly) and they don’t have anything except for a suite with a ocean-view terrace for a mere 5@4#&$$$ dollars a night. Ooooooh, well, the questionably designed hotel is not THAT bad, after all.

We told ourselves we’d just spend the time being in love, holdings hands, gazing into each others’ eyes, 24/7.
And then we remembered that Scott and I don’t always like to do the same things, quite the opposite actually. Scott, like most normal people, loooooves lazing by the pool in the sun. I, like most sun paranoiacs, love sticking my face in a book in the shade. And we’re talking real shade, like with a big hat under an umbrella under a tree, you know? Oooooooh well, we’ll send each other text messages.

We told ourselves that to have no luggage stress, the best thing would be to take as little as possible.
Meaning a bathing suit, a pair of jeans, my new dark blue shirt I just bought, some shorts, and voilà. No checked bags, NO STRESS!
I then opened up my bag and saw that my new shirt rubbed off on my favorites jeans (white ones!) which translate into me wearing the same pair of shorts for three days. Oooohhh well. Shopping.

We told ourselves we’d take things easy under the tropical sun.
We then realized that we should’ve looked up a thing or two about what’s going on in Miami this weekend.
Why this weekend in particular? House Festival.
It clicked what was going on at about 9 in the morning when the music exploded as we were having a quiet breakfast. Boom, boom boom, in the hotel, boom boom boom, in the streets, boom boom boom at the beach. T-shirts saying I am sexy and I know it. Shiny Lamborghinis. T-shirts saying I am in Miami, Bitch! Girls in bikinis AND high-heels on the street. T-shirts saying Kiss my Abs. In terms of streetstyle, we’ll have to come back, after the house festival, all right ?

We told ourselves that even in all our positiveness, boum boum boum 24/7 is really too much, all we have to do is change hotels.
And this was the best decision of our trip. Off we went to the Standard, far from Miami Biatch. Aaaaaaah, quiet.

I decided that to REALLY get into the relaxation mindset, nothing would be better than yoga.
And isn’t it great that at the Standard, my new paradise, there are awesome yoga classes. I thought it’d be absolute bliss, especially when the teacher said, “Oh, the weather is so perfect, let’s practice outside!” An hour later, blinded by the sun and totally tomatoed out, in the pose of the depressed lotus, my solar paranoia in full blast, I was more stressed out than when we started. If it was possible.

We told ourselves that no biggie, because now, we can finally relax fully. Get to bed early and starting the next day, we’ll DO NOTHING, JUST RELAX, DAMMIT!
Woke up at 4am in cold sweats. Sick. Spent the entire day locked up in bed under the covers and Scott running on medical supply trips through Miami. Sent a text to my Mama, “Maaaamaaaaa!!!! Heeeeelp! Sick in Miaaaaaaami!!!” who responded in the most psychoanalytical way possible (you know my Mother) saying “Maybe you just haven’t given yourself permission to take a vacation?” Pffffff.

Decided to not give up and spend one more day in Miami. No really, I feel like I’m going to like this city in the end. I mean, it’s beautiful, it’s hot (and by that I mean warm, biatch) I have a good feeling. Seriously!!! Ok, wish me a wonderful day !

The illustration is a drawing I had made for a collaboration I did with Louis Vuitton, that I love and that I have to show you asap !