After Raf Simons’ goodbye at Jil Sander yesterday, a wave of emotion came over the audience. Standing ovation, wet eyes, emotional tweets.

But we’re not losing Raf Simons (everybody says he’s going to Dior). Nor Jil Sander, on the contrary, as Jil Sander is returning to Jil Sander.

I think that it’s a sense of impermanence that we can feel in fashion that made us so emotional yesterday.
Why get attached to a brand if the designer changes so often ? Why follow the work of a designer when, just as he’s mastering the codes of one fashion house, he then has to dive into the history of another?

Sometimes, like Ghesquière at Balenciaga,  I’d like for them to stay with one house. And to continue to write the story of their creativity with serenity.

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