Today, I want to republish – and to have it translated in english for the first time ! – that text I wrote in …2007, just before the big bun became my everyday classic !!! Kisses and have a wonderful Sunday!

I sometimes get the craziest fashion ideas that make their way into the deep back recesses of my virtual lookbook, full with platinum hair, florescent leggings, and Westons (actually, that’s been done). And sometimes, a little nugget from my sub-conscious fashion sense makes its way by accident into a drawing and reminds me of my crazy ideas of the past.

Sometimes all this makes its way into a party itself… Take for example our special Fuck Valentine’s Day party that we decided to rename (a little more modestly) It’s Complicated Party*. It’s a chic little affair** organized at the very chic Cé where the very chic Contessa gave me the chicest compliment saying “Wow, your hair looks so good when you let it down, Garance.”  To which Jen thought it time to add, “Yeah, it looks way better than that protestant bun you always like to wear.”


I’m not the type to get offended, especially when the remark comes from a girl who still hasn’t gotten any flowers in the mail from St. Valentine and it’s almost midnight… (though they did end up coming… I wouldn’t have been so harsh.)

But yeah, I thought I had to do something.

I didn’t let my hair grow out just so that people would call me a nun!

I let my hair grow out so I could have fun with it, let it down, twist it, mousse it (yeah, okay, not too much with the moussing), to do up-dos, to be like Carrie Bradshaw, you know? Except brunette and with no Manolos. Okay, maybe more like a poor-man’s Carrie Bradshaw.

So back to the sudden appearance of my crazy idea, and the incredibly sound argument that any woman with things to do on her agenda can’t spend her entire life with her hair down***.

I thought about doing a bun. Yeah, the one in the picture, up high. And then there’s this picture here. And the bun Carrie has. Or even the editorial in Elle #3236 that was just so awesome that I thought about tattooing it all over my body just in case…

I even did a terrible job scanning in the Elle for you!

The thing that I’m wondering though is whether or not you can even do this in real life?

Or am I swimming too deeply in the deep-end of some fashion pool to realize that a bun like that is just going to make me look like a post-nuclear apocalypse Medusa?

If that’s the case, I’m begging you, please tell me.

Just write P.N.A.M. and I’ll understand.


* What, you’re not on Facebook yet? Well, I guess that makes perfect sense. Feel free to stay that way and allow me to explain… on Facebook, you’re either single, in a relationship, married, it’s complicated, or in an open relationship which kind of seems like all of the above or something. I dunno.

** weirdly composed of almost all bloggers. I wonder if there is some relationship here between cause and effect? Do we maybe need to pry ourselves away from our screens and head out into the real world or something? The real world… a place with a million of nuanced options that lie between married and it’s complicated. Wait, everything isn’t just black and white?

*** Actually, I know tons of women who spend their entire life with their hair down, but sometimes you have to just let things be to keep the stream-of-consciousness spirit of the post. (If you didn’t understand anything I just said, don’t you worry one second, because I didn’t either.)

P.S. Remember my FIT Lecture I told you about on Wednesday? It’s tomorrow! If you’re in New York come join me! 4pm in the Katie Murphy Amphitheater, D Building, FIT (27th & 7th Ave)