Garance, I have extremely curly hair, much like yours. I’m wondering what products you use seeing as you seem to have the non frizz zone down to a science. Please share your secret!!! Magen.

Magen, hello! The goddess with the thrown together bun curly hair is talking to you. Okay, here we go…

It’s true, I’ve tried everything and I’ve realized two essential truths:

1/ Every head of hair is different and so what works for me isn’t necessarily going to work for you.

2/ Every location is different and the water and air (humidity levels) in any given place can completely change the texture of your hair.

So, it really comes down to you trying everything and adapting what works. For me, since getting here to New York, my hair has exploded. My curls are ten times crazier than they were in Paris and frizzies are my daily nightmare. Here’s the battalion of products I use just to calm my hair hysteria:

• Shampoo

– The Shampoing à la Moelle de Bambou by Leonor Greyl is my favorite. I feel like it thoroughly nourishes and protects my hair.

• Conditioner

– I tend to go with whatever’s here as long as it softens my hair. Right now, I really like Bumble and Bumble’s Let it Shine. Because really, what’s more important to me is :

• Leave in Conditioner

This is just crazy in my cabinet. I’ve got a million of them. My two favorites are:

– Creme with Silk Groom, by Kiehl’s : whenever my hair is just too crazy. This balm adds considerable weight to the texture and shine and is great for days when I don’t have time to really style my hair. It calms everything down and gives me some nice bouncy curls. Be careful not to put too much in though or it can get greasy.

– One of my all time favorites whether I’m in Paris, New York or Timbuktu (Never been, but you know what I mean), is the crème Oleo-Curl by Kérastase. It works great anywhere. It’s a lot lighter than the one from Kiehl’s and is so great when I have time to dry my hair because it gives it some nice curls without weighing it down. My hair is soft and shiny and not at all greasy.

And just because I’m always testing out new things, I bought some Moroccan Oil (haven’t tried it yet), the Supershine Moisturizing Cream by Oribe (tried it, sooo good), Brilliant Glossing by Fekkai (awesome) and still a million others that I’ll tell you about if I get good results.

One last thing… When I put my hair up (which is often), to avoid little frizzes escaping out, I spray a little shot of Elnett hairspray. And for really bad hair days, last time I talked to you about my dry shampoo.

There you have it, all my favorite products. Everything here I’ve used for years so go give ’em a try.

Outside of that, I’ve recently discovered a cool new trick, I like to wash my hair in the evening. I dry it quickly and put in some leave in conditionner and I don’t know why but after a night on the pillow, my hair is super soft and not frizzy at all.

And there you go Magen! I hoped I answered your question? That’s it for my anti-frizz science!

What about you guys? Do you have any advice for curly hair that works for you?


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