I love Preetma’s style. Why, you ask?

Pffff, you ask so many questions. I think it’s because she is surprising. Like take here, for example… This is the first time I saw her. It was at fashion week last September.

And then here she is a few days ago. What I love about what Preetma does is she manages to mix high-fashion accessories with super fun ones, and the way she layers prints and proportions, it all adds up to a style that’s so very her.

Which brings me to the following conclusion, and fasten your seat belts everyone to this theory of fashion and style from Professor Gaga:

I think you can’t create your own style by trying to conceptualize or reproduce someone else’s or some celebrity’s or some movement whatever it might be (Minimalist? Retro? Rock? )(Believe me, I’ve tried them all)(You want me to do a post about all the styles I’ve tried?)(Oh man, yeah, I gotta do that. I’m laughing just thinking about it.) but just combine the things that you love and let your ideas have room to roam (even if it means having days where your look ends up being totally catastrophic. Yep, I’ve had those too.)

And even if it’s a floral skirt and a pair of Creepers, well, why not?

By not being like everyone else and listening only to your taste, you make your own style. And one day people will copy it !!! Yep. That’d be way too cool.

Don’t you go thanking me now. But I know. I’m a genius.

No but seriously, you know what I mean? (Not that I’m a genius, but this whole thing with individual style?)


On that, if you want to hear more of my fancy theories on style and fashion, I’m giving a talk on Monday at F.I.T. and it’s open to the public. If you’re in New York, put it on your calendar!!! I’ll get you more info ASAP.

Translation : Tim Sullivan