It’s super interesting.

I’m sure you’ve all heard that there will be no Céline show this season : Phoebe Philo, the famous artistic director for the brand, is expecting a baby in April and so has decided to replace the show (which has to be something terribly stressful) with an informal, intimate presentation.

We don’t know much more (and that’s how it should be), but the first reaction I had, personally, was to be super pleased by the strong message sent by the designer. After the downfall of designers in recent seasons, to see someone take the risk of actually giving herself a personal life, it shifted something for me… Something really hopeful.

We already knew that Phoebe Philo took a break between Chloé and Céline to take care of her kids – which potentially helped her develop her professional life as well if you consider the incredible comeback she’s had for the past four seasons. She also had the entire design studio move from Paris to London so she could stay close to her family.

And it’s just so cool how at all the shows, her parents are always there, right in the front row. Her way of navigating her professional and personal life is really inspiring.

Okay, all these sentiments are sweet and all, but I’m curious to see what happens with this Céline “no show.”

Some people say choosing not to show could put the brand at risk. In that case, if this “pause” for Céline results in some sort of loss of momentum – with people losing their jobs for example – will everyone point the finger at Phoebe Philo?
A friend was telling me about a story in the French newspaper Libération : there was a study showing that ethnic criteria, which used to be the first professional discrimination factor, has shifted back (yeah!), but the first factors now are gender and maternity / pregnancy (ouch).

As we can see, it doesn’t take a lot to scare the markets and the recruiters. So to cancel a show…

Tell me, what do you think of Phoebe Philo’s choice ?

Translation : Tim Sullivan