“Garance, have you ever tried a juice cleanse?” Sophie. 

Hi Sophie ! I have never tried… Ok, so what is a juice cleanse??

It’s a kind of detox, or I guess more like a fast using only fruit and vegetable juice and tons of New Yorkers inflict it upon themselves in January right after the holidays (and right before fashion week, ha!). If I ever come to you guys one day and say, “Actually, it turns out juice cleanses are awesome!!! Press me some more!”, just slap me.

Cause, you know, I don’t really get the whole thing.

Yeah, I get why everyone does it, especially in New York where everyone is obsessed with their weight (myself included, but to a degree that I don’t think is pathological quite yet. That said, give me another year and I’ll be eating boiled kale leafs for breakfast with the rest of ’em.) and I think it’s not going too far to say that what people expect from a juice cleanse, in New York in 2012, is a quick way to lose weight*.

I don’t know if it works or not, or if your body really does need a good detox or not, and if it does, I’m not sure doing such extremes is the most helpful (I know for me, when I need a good detox (like after a few too many drinks), all I need is to make a tasty soup and that’ll put a smile on my face).

I just feel like it is such a perfect way to keep perpetuating the illusion that you can control your appetite (and therefore your weight, your body, your life). It’s such an efficient way to trigger food obsessions.

Maybe I’m wrong. I have a bunch of friends who love doing juice cleanses. 

Some of them tell me they stopped after a few days because they became totally depressive & mean and they spent all their time dreaming of really fatty steak and muffins. But others tell me that “Juice cleanses are so great!!! You feel so good! It’s so good for your skin!”

So now I’m wondering what you all think… Have you tried it?

Translation : Tim Sullivan 


*Which is never a good idea… We all know that

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