Today, I want to republish – and to have it translated in english for the first time ! – that text I wrote in …2007. Kisses and have a wonderful sunday!

My mission on Wednesday, in preparation for an incredibly promising party, was to find the most amazing red lipstick.

After getting slapped in the face with freezing sleet, I ended up at Sephora looking sooo good, if I may say so myself: dripping, pale as a ghost, rather haggard like the girl who just came back from battling the elements, trying to project her fancy purse more than her physical well-being, as there are things that are just more important than ridicule and survival, as you all know.

I head straight toward a shopgirl who seemed pleasant enough, and I confided in her exactly what I needed: I’m looking for a red lipstick. No tint of blue, no orange, a red red, please and thank you.

I ended up seated on some kind of platform where everyone could admire my frightening state of disrepair. The shopgirl, Martha, looked at my lips with the eyes of an inquisitor.

“You need a leeep scrub.”

“Yeah yeah yeah, I know. You don’t know what I just lived through to get here.”

“Goood. I’ma do you a base.”

“Are you Italian? I love Italy!”

“No. I recommend for you this and this and this and this. I do your makeup. Don’t move.”

“You think that goes well with my complexion? Huh…”

“And Foilà: a leeep scrub, a leeep base, a leeep-liner, a leeepsteeke, and I tell you get these makeup removers for leeps. Gooodbye!” Wink.

You want me to pay 100 euros when all I wanted was lipstick, Martha?

I give her back her little wink, and summon all the courage I can. I leave everything right there on the desk, hold my jacket up to cover my face, avoiding the glaring eyes of Martha under the bright lights of Sephora and sneak out.

I ended up finding my leeepsteeeke right below my apartment, at a little pharmacy for a tenth of the price of that whole leeep arsenal.

And I gotta tell you, it looks good on meeeeee!