Wini created the awesome and subtle beauty brand McBride Beauty. I thought it’d be interesting to meet her.

I didn’t know much more about her when I took to the steps of her brownstone. She made me some tea and started talking about anything and everything including her family and her two kids that she raised in tranquil Park Slope. She was telling me that she had her daughter at 41 years old and I just had to ask, “41? Wait… How old are you?”

When she told me she was 48, I was so surprised. I never would have guessed.

You know, I don’t want to say that she “seems much younger” (even if that’s the first thing I thought) because “seems much younger” shouldn’t be the ultimate complement. The ultimate compliment would be something like she’s “in amazing shape.”

I know women of all ages. Each one lives her years in a different way but coming across Wini and her natural beauty – a little Frenchie… I mean, she never wears makeup! –  reminded me that aging gracefully requires an attitude, coolitude, and a certain serenity.

It made me realize what I already knew: that more and more, the tightened, pulled, puffed and frozen* faces that I see have the exact opposite of the desired effect… They just make you look older.

It made me want to ask her a whole bunch of questions:

What does staying young mean to you?

Wini: It’s a state of mind. You have to keep moving, physically and mentally and try to stay current. If you think than you’re old and you believe what society tells you to believe about age you fall into that trap! You have to keep moving!

What’s the most important thing for having beautiful skin?

W: Eat healthy, sleep, and be happy. I think staying out of the sun because it’s a big factor, and also not abusing your skin. Whatever you put inside of you will show on the surface whether its food or gossip or stress.

What’s your point of view on plastic surgery?

W : I think everyone has to do whatever they feel comfortable doing. If someone’s not happy with the way they look and they keep obsessing over it you can do with you want or go talk to a therapist! I think to each their own. I can’t see myself doing anything, but I also really like my face right now. Ask me that in 20 years when my eyes are hanging down and I might have a different point of view!

Between that and a few other things – like an orange muffin for example-, we also talked about Clarisonic (New Yorkers just love them. You’ve tried them already?) electronic micro-current facials (it’s great. I tried it and remind me to tell you more about it) the creams & lotions she makes (which are 100% natural and smell divinely good) and pfff, so many other things that had nothing at all to do with beauty.

It was so cool and refreshing. On that, I’ll let you go, I’ve gotta go support my local Hells Angels.


*I’m sure that if it’s done well, the results can be marvelous but I just feel like Botox can be addictive : It seems you always want more and people end up not realizing when it’s just too much…

Translation : Tim Sullivan