It’s gotta be because we’re in the dead of winter that my degree of outfit creativity matches the sub-zero temperatures*, but as far as my style is concerned right now, I’m happy just working with extremities.

A haircut here**,
A manicure there,
A facial on the schedule for Friday.
And a new found quest for hipster-intellectual cool glasses.

Not that I need glasses…
Actually I need them, like, very little. But then one day I saw some glasses that were so perfectly Chloé Sevinesque that I needed to find a good reason to buy them. So we worked very hard with my optician and ended up finding (yeah !) that my eyes needed resting glasses :

“MY EYES GET SO TIRED! I was shouting. You don’t understand, with everything I do with my eyes (How did I come up with that ? WHO KNOWS), they’re just so tired and they NEED THESE CHLOE SEVINESQUE GLASSES!”

You could tell me that I could just get some blank lenses or I could just do an outright American Apparelisation (go spend 5 minutes by the store and you’ll know what I’m talking about) of my Chloé Sevinesques glasses : I could just pop the lenses out of the frames and be able to see AND have the sexy intellectual look of my dreams.

Yeah but no. I’m too authentic for that. (I mean, I meditate. C’mon now).

So I ended up buying my Chloé Sevinesque glasses. And yeah, they were adorable, relatively comfortable when my eyes were soooooooo tired, and everyone was happy. And I wore them three times. Yep, three times. That’s it.

What do they say ? Desire is extinguished once it is consumed ? That’s what I thought.

But you know what?

I am about to do it again. The desire came right back again during one of my winter no-style days. I am almost to the point of going to harass another NYC optician (we’ll just see if they can resist my “charm”.).

Bullshitting Fashion always repeats itself.

PS: Pictured above is Fiametta – Yes, I had fun painting her :-) She’s wearing giaaaaaant glasses. I like it, but don’t you worry, I wouldn’t go that far into delusions of glasses grandeur. Lately, I’ve been half-assing it a lot.

* That, and the marvelous excess of holiday meals. Let’s be real.
** Of course I’ll show you a photo at some point. Let my hair hibernate for a couple seconds to grow back a little first o_O.

Translation : Tim Sullivan