Have you seen It’s a Brad Brad World? What’d you think?

What? You don’t know Brad? Don’t worry, it’s not a problem. I’ll catch you up.

Brad G is the former assistant stylist to Rachel Zoe. Rachel Zoe is a stylist to the stars (say it like you mean it), who, thanks to her reality TV show, has become more famous than the stars she styles.

Brad was her assistant and was always around on her reality show and when she fired him, I mean, when he left, well, when… Okay, when he started his own career as a stylist to the stars he naturally got his own reality show.

So it’s called It’s a Brad Brad World and after I saw that it’s not really interesting, except to note this whole fashion-reality thing is becoming a genre into itself, and loooooves to give this image of fashion : totally hysterical, populated by egocentric freaks, pathetic and hilarious at the same time, capable of crying of joy just at seeing a new Louboutin and getting red with anger just because of the length of a skirt and saying things, in all seriousness, like:

“It’s a famine of beauty !” (Andre Leon Talley).

When I watch these TV shows, I always have the same reaction:

Reaction 1/ Is fashion seriously this crazy?
Reaction 2/ Does fashion seriously deserve to be caricatured like this?
Reaction 3/ Nonononono, Scott, don’t change the channel, gimme two more minutes!

I talked to Scott and he told me that these reality TV shows show just 1% of the fashion world.
You barely ever see the 99% of the fashion world who work without always being in the spotlight, who are elegant but discrete, and who love what they do and don’t need to talk about themselves 24/7.
But with that representation on TV it’s not surprising that everyone seems wary of fashion and doesn’t take it seriously…

Okay, at the same time:

It just cracks me up and if you take it with the necessary distance it doesn’t bother me at all.

Show-business isn’t all bad. Michael Kors is succeeding in being incredibly successful on reality TV AND being a designer who’s taken seriously. Condé Nast just started getting its feet wet in the entertainment business. Tyra Banks has started a real empire. Kate Lanphear, fashion director of Elle US, and who you know all too well from MTV’s The City.
And with the loss of advertising dollars the magazines have faced since the internet has blown up, they don’t really have a choice: they have to diversify.

To end, if there is one thing that I’ve always loved about fashion, it’s its ability to accept what others call “freaks.” We often think of fashion as this world where you can only exist if you’re beautiful, skinny, or have tons of money. But when you look a little closer…

You can work in it until the end of your days, or start incredibly young. You could have not (formally) studied fashion at all but still put together an amazing career. You can be gay, straight, black, white, fat, beautiful, ugly, small, dress as crazy as can be or dress the exact same each and every day – if you work hard and have talent, you’ll be accepted.

Very few industries can say the same thing, right ? What do you think ? Does this whole “reality fashion” craze drive you nuts or do you like it?

Translation : Tim Sullivan