Today, I want to republish – and to have it translated in english for the first time ! – that text I wrote in …2007 about my life as a free lancer. You’ll see that I was totally lazy my working methods have changed drastically !


I’m freelance so I work a lot at home. How else would I be able to blog at the weirdest hours of the day? What? You blog from work ? Noooooooo…

Luckily for me, my cat gets up early. Right at the crack of dawn, I’m pulled out of bed by my gross gracious hungry feline. I put on some old jogging pants elegant and casual outfit, I drink an espresso a fresh squeezed OJ, and make a nice little breakfast looking at my e-mail out at the sea.

After pillaging the magazine rack down the block doing some yoga, I fall asleep in the bath take an enlivening shower; I dry off looking through some blogs at my planner. For hours later, totally guilt ridden with a sense of accomplishment, I make a few phone calls.

This is usually when I like to start putting together some pasta steamed vegetables that I’ll enjoy with Ellen Degeneres a few friends. A quick coffee nap and then back to work.

Afternoons are my favorite. Everything is calm and it’s the perfect time to go shopping get going on some bigger projects. Time flies in department stores when you’re really concentrated.

6 o’clock, panic sets in it’s time to take a break. I make some tea that I like to have with some nutella an apple. Then it’s back to work for an hour or two, just to stop feeling so guilty finish up a few projects.

My man is on his way home and the end of the day is near. I’m exhausted, but I have to do some networking at the Baron at a high-profile party. I get home totally stressed out enchanted by this incredibly productive day, ready to start fresh the next.

Anyway, there’s no way I’d get out of my bed for less than $10,000. What, you don’t believe me ?