Hey Garance ! Even though I like my eyebrows well enough, I’d like to “civilize” their line a little bit. What do you do to keep them in line? Do you do it yourself or do you go to someone?

Merci! Chloé.

Hello Chloé!

I pluck them myself and have ever since… I dunno, around 13? At the time, I wouldn’t have asked the question as to whether or not to do it myself or go see someone : I was hiding in my mother’s bathroom to do it because I thought plucking your eyebrows is something you should be suuuuuper ashamed about.

Ever since then, nothing as changed. Even if I now understand that there’s nothing shameful about it, I still pluck them myself. And with intense precation, because unlike you, I have the tiniest eyebrows that even a simple error in the trajectory of the tweezers could spell disaster. I’m terrified of having a big hole in my eyebrows so I don’t let anyone touch them but myself*. I check them every morning and you know what I use as my little shape guide? My freckles. (!!!)

SO, that’s my little eyebrow story. It’s anti-professionalism made into an art form.

To respond to your question, I’d say that a perfect eyebrow is great. And if you are just looking for just a clean line, you can do it yourself.

But if you decide to change the line of your eyebrows, it can really change your face and your expressions. If I were you, I’d get the opinion of a few aestheticians. The first thing I’d do is look at their eyebrows (no eyebrows or drawn-on eyebrows, get out quick!!!) and then see what they think for yours and what techniques they’d use, and then chose your favorite.

Tweezers – The classic. My favorite tool, simple and precise (but then again, they are so naturally tiny !)

Wax – Most girls in the studio (there are four of us right now as I’m writing this) wax… But they all tell me that I really have to develop a trusting relationship with their esthetician and that you are never truly safe from disaster.

Threading – I hear that this has an awesome amount of precision and that it’s much better than waxing for sensitive skin because there’s actually no direct contact with the skin. I also hear that it REALLY REALLY HURTS!!!

Last little piece of advice, if you want a big change, do so slowly. Eyebrows take a stupid long time to grow back and even though I love her so, we can’t all be Dietrich.

What do you think guys, any additional advice to give to Chloé ? What do you do with your eyebrows ?


* All my therapist friends, please don’t try to analyze this sentence… Thank you !


Translation : Tim Sullivan