The time has come when I’ve started to suffer from an acute case of winter laziness – that is to say that we’re saying goodbye! to the new super motivated New York Garance who juggles a pilates class with her daily run and yoga and hello! to the Garance flat on her back in front of a rather questionable* TV show comparing the textures of three different kinds of peanut butter**, hello! to the Garance who:

• Hasn’t jogged in 2 months.
• Forced herself out of bed with a super human amount of effort to go to, get this, Virgin Yoga, this morning. The yog’ for beginners. Just out of fear that I would overstretch a finger. Aaaah, at least I’m bound to be the best in the class***!
• Hasn’t called her pilates teacher for two weeks. And this is after promising, high five included, to see her twice a week to sculpt the most amazing abs you’ve ever seen. And now I have to hide every time I walk by her gym, which is around three times a day****.

So yeah, when I start looking dangerously like a depressed slug, the only thing that can really motivate me, can you guess what it is?

It’s my sports clothes. It’s simple, if I really want to go to the gym but I have the motivation of a ground hog, all I have to do is pull out my sports clothes.

Once dressed, I go about my daily routine*****.

An hour or two later, the magic happens. I add a little bounce to my step in my tennis shoes, I strike some acrobatic poses (I know, soooo annoying.) in my yoga pants and suddenly, I stop thinking of myself as a slug, but as a Gaga 2.0. And just like that, the desire to move my body comes storming back.

I should add that sometimes in between when I used to go to the gym in pajamas with holes in them****** and now, I discovered a new sanctuary for modern times. This sanctuary is known as Nike Town.

I love, seriously LOVE Nike Town and everything I’ve brought back from my pilgrimages their way. It’s almost as good as the Apple Store. Or like Céline on rue François 1er. Or like the Ladurée in Saint-Germain-Des-Prés. I get into the shop and then bam, somebody stop me, I want to buy everything in the store!!!

I guess I’m turning into a walking Nike ad so I will stop right here, but during this time of acuuuuute winter laziness, YOU TAKE MOTIVATION WHERE YOU FIND IT, little grasshopper.

No, seriously! Where do you get your motivation when you can’t get off the couch?


* Brothers & Sisters – I still haven’t figure out why I like this show, but okay, seeing as I’m in the middle of season 5, there has to be something. That or I’ve really just become a couch potato.

** I love the machine at Whole Foods that grinds the peanuts up right before my dumbfounded eyes – the people in line behind me to grind their peanuts (aaaaaah the joys of Whole Foods – I could do an entire series on this subject – It would be called Granoland) could tell you all loooooog stories about the poor little French girl, hypnotized by the peanut butter grinder.

*** No no no, of course not. Me? I’d never compare myself to others in the room. You’re not supposed to do that. I’d never compare myself like that. That said, this morning in Virgin Yoga, I WAS BY FAR THE BEST IN THE ROOM. Yep, just a fact, that’s all.

**** For an odd taste of irony, my favorite cafe, which has my favorite cookies, all mellow and at the same time crispy and chocolaty, is right next to my gym.

***** So tell me, spending most of the day in yoga pants, even if it’s très chic, you gotta have the guts to do it. But we talked about that a little bit ago.

****** “Oh, yeah, no, pajamas are totally stylish, and the holes are exactly what’s in right now.” That’s me justifying it to myself.

******* Yeah, you get an awful lot of stars with all these footnotes. I’m a little lost too. I’ve spent the past five minutes trying to get them in the right order with my post, instead of oh I don’t know, working out or something, for example.