Just because I’m in Morrocco doesn’t mean I forgot it was winter. We went across the High Atlas today and it was negative 12 outside.

So I got out my super cute blue cashmere beanie (I’m so the girl who talks about how stylish she is while traveling when really, I’ve been in my sweat pants for the past three days), and every time I wear a hat like this I just feel ridiculous. So lost in the Atlas mountains, it’s not like The Sartorialist is gonna be shooting me out of nowhere or something.

Lol. Okay quick.

I gotta tell you though that one of my dreams is to pull off a beanie –

– What is a beanie anyway? Do any of you know what a beanie is??? (I’m so the girl who learned the word a month ago and all the cool girls have been wearing them since Alexander Wang lost his baby teeth – we’re talking like Erin Wasson cool) Okay, a beanie is like a hat in the shape of a bean, which is a little too big in back. End of the style lesson. Learn it by heart.

Okay, if you take into account that one of my dreams is to pull off a striped beanie like the angel Gabriella in the photo that I ran into during a full explosion of coolitude and seductiveness (yeah, of course I’m quoting Kung Fu Panda : you know he’s my hero!) in Brooklyn a few days ago, you can see that if I can’t even pull off a blue beanie, we’re in pretty bad shape.

So I’m asking, how do you feel in a beanie? No, seriously…