This is what I did last week:

Loved Instagram: It’s been a while since I’ve been addicted to something like this. I love the Instagram community and I feel like it’s based on something other than “wow look how cool my life is!!!” which is so often what Twitter devolves to (including me, I think it’s just the media that makes us like that). But Instagram is funny, because what people are looking for is really just cool pictures. I love it.

(These kinds of shoe pictures have a tag : #fromwhereistand.)

Hated Parisian Christmas decorations: You have no idea just how dear Parisian Christmas decorations are to me. It was one of the only reasons for me to walk down the Champs Elysées in winter, just to see all the trees glistening and let the Christmas magic take me away. This year, they’ve been replaced by an LED display that uses less power…
…Which is great, but why replace them with the ugliest flying saucers turning colors the world has ever seen? I just don’t think that eco-friendly and beautiful need to be mutually exclusive. What do you think?

Took a plane to Morocco because the Christmas decorations in Paris upset me that much (naaaah, just kidding) : Scott wanted to go far off our beaten track and I wanted to show him this beautiful country.

We are having some incredibly funny and moving moments. A French girl with Moroccan ancestry showing off the bazaars to an American…

Had some coffee with Cisco: Cisco moved to New York and I took her out for some coffee (okay. Full disclosure: she had a chai latte) at Jack’s, my favorite coffee shop in New York!

Had dinner next to Catherine Baba : At the 135 anniversary dinner for Lancel, where Stéphane Bern was rubbing elbows with Sienna Miller or where the singer Izia roasted on everyone in the crowd and everyone literally loved it. The boutique was decorated like a Dali painting but the most surrealist thing to do was to talk to Catherine Baba.

“Aaaaah, I love Essaouira, amaaaaaaaaazing and the wiiiiiiiind, the wiiiiiiiiiind, aaaaaaaaah, the wiiiiiiind.”

I’m sure Dali would have loved to meet her.

Had my picture taken by Studio Harcourt : Actually, it’s the best photo booth I’ve ever been in (photobooths are pretty much popping up everywhere lately), they recreated the dramatic light of the movie star’s studio.
Result : For just a few euros, a picture I really want to keep !

(This photobooth is in the Lancel Store on the Champs Elysées, you should go !!!)

Bought a book on meditation: It all started with making fun of a yoga class and is going to end up in an ashram. Just get me to stop already! I think the New York life is messing with my head… It’s time to head to the Sahara!

Okay, off to Ouarzazate in a few minutes… Big hugs!