I’m on the plane on the way back from Paris where I had an awesomely exciting week, but really, looking back on it, this is all I can think about…

The comeback of the week.
While I was flipping through the pages of the 345 magazines that I bought before getting on the plane, I realized that pores, they are back.

The “magic” of Photoshop made them disappear these past few years leaving skin smoother than a Granny Smith apple and at the same time creating a new beauty problem that didn’t exist before, as if we needed to add another (“Oh my god… How horrifying?! I have pores! What can I do?!), and of course the beauty industry couldn’t have been happier and rushed to create pores-no-more lotions.

So in the end, the whole thing just didn’t go over well, and thank friggin’ goodness, pores have reappeared in magazines. I saw them on Lara Stone in a Tom Ford ad (okay so maybe the pores were so perfectly placed that Lara had probably been de-pored and then re-pored in photoshop, but it’s still worth noticing their effort, and oh man is she beautiful) and another almost all natural (which really, is almost as shocking in a beauty ad as if she were to be a total naturist) in a L’Oreal ad featuring the fantastic Aimee Mullins.

I’m saying we’re making some pore-gress here.

The tease of the week.

… And I was the one who got filmed.
And no, don’t even ask. I’m too superstitious to tell you anything more!
Ok ok ok… You win. I’ll tell you a little thing : For that occasion, I learned how to dance.

The most beautiful day of the week.
I had a free day in the middle of my week in Paris and I decided to jump on a plane and go visit my family in Corsica.

Seated in the shade in the garden, looking out to sea (hence that cheesy post picture), sharing a Corsican fish my mother lovingly prepared. My brothers and sisters were there, their kids were running around everywhere and we just laughed and laughed telling jokes and stories from childhood.

Thinking about these utter moments of joy like make me a little weepy.

The Okay, yeah of the week.
Okay, yeah, I’ve always gotten really emotional about nothing at all. That’s just how it goes, especially when it comes to family. Okay and yeah, I cried during Bridesmaids, what? It’s really moving!

The shaaaaaame ! of the week.
So I was on my way to sit in a taxi, with my usual grace, when suddenly I hear a noise that nobody ever really wants to hear in that situation :
“Crrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccccccccccckkkkkk !!!!”
Yeah, you follow me.
And it wasn’t just the little “crack!” of a small hole that you can quietly hide.
Nope, my pants literally split in two.
And hop ! I felt a gust of air go where it should not have been supposed to go. I was wearing lace panties that day. Me : Mortified. My friend : Cracking up. Taxi driver : Could’ve cared less.

Luckily, I also had a scarf with me that when tied sarong style, allowed me to continue my walk of shame without losing the small amount of dignity I still had left.

The planes are cool and all but why is the food so salty?? of the week.
Planes are cool and all but why is the food so salty?? Yuck yuck yuck.

The obsession of the week (actually of those last five minutes).
So I’m finding my seat on the plane, and Saskia de Braw (yeahhhh you know who she is. She did the last Chanel ads!) is sitting right in front of me, so sublime with her short hair.

I put on my travel socks (I know, so classy)(and you’re lucky, I forgot my restraint socks), and get comfortable in my seat where I grab my dear British Elle and on the cover, the awesome Michelle Williams wearing a short short haircut that’s just to die for.

That’s when my new obsession started. I’m totally gonna cut my hair short too. And just to confirm the stars aligning in favor of my new ‘do, I tell myself that if I open Jalouse and another beautiful short haircut shows up, then It’s a sign that this is really something I am going to do.

And gosh!!! Page 31, a photo of Jean Seberg.

My friends, the stars are aligned. What do you think? Cut it all off?

PS : Now I am back home, and not so so sure this is a fantastic idea. What do you think ?