I know I know I know – Sarah Harris from British Vogue must be so very very tired of us talking about her hair.

At the same time, I can only stand in awe of the beauty of her silver locks… which are so exceptional. Not too many people get the chance to have such beautiful grey hair, and there isn’t a colorist alive who can reproduce it. It’s funny, right?

That’s what the funny thing is though : grey hair, in theory, is sublime.

But in reality with real people (=me) it’s not so easy to figure out what to do with your renegade hairs… And the easy way is to chose color.


– You don’t earn the salt and pepper title with just 10 white hairs.
– And 10 white hairs lost in the middle of a crowd… Blah.
– Blah… Or as some would think… “Négligé!”
– Grey, even natural grey, is said to be really difficult to maintain. It turns yellow. Hence the blueish colors to smooth it over.
– Hence all the grandmas looking straight out of outer space with their blue hair.
– And yeah, because no matter what you say, white hair is associated with aging. And the point of life (according to a few of the latest French Elle at least) is to look younger.

And even if :

– Scott tells me to leave it alone.
– It’s so much maintenance to have to color your hair all the time.
– A whole bunch of my super stylish friends leave their white hairs in peace and I think it’s so very chic.
– Even I look at Scott’s hair waiting with baited-breath for it to become salt and pepper… I think it’s really good-looking.
– I think it’s really good-looking… On him. Because he’s a guy. And don’t think it’s lost on me how sexist that is.

So in short, as you can see I’m still really torn about this whole thing.

What I do know is that it’s not necessarily tied with age (Sarah, in the photo, had her first white-hairs at 16. I had mine at 34. My best friend had hers at 22 and my father still has a whole head of black hair… at 59 years old). But still, deep down, even if it was tied with age, you should be able to wear your hair (and your years) as you’d like.

That’s why, in the future, I hope to come across lots of girls like Sarah Harris… Graceful, young, and salt and pepper. That would be pretty inspiring, don’t you think ?

Translation : Tim Sullivan