I was with a friend walking around Bed, Bath and Beyond – I know, so glamourous – when suddenly I heard her cry out,

“Aaaaaah !!! Emergency!!! Tell me that’s not me right there in front of me.”

Right there in front of her, was a magnifying mirror with a bright light-up ring to illuminate your face.
I walked up carefully to the mirror and as I got closer, I saw the reflection of my nose going across like the Starship Enterprise heading through deep space.

“Oooooh my god. What is this thing?!?! My nose is huge. My freckles look like corn flakes. AND I’VE GOT A WRINKLE ON MY CHIN!!! I’ve never seen that before!! I didn’t even know that could exist !

“Seriously, do you see my pores?!!! My skin is like the moooooon! There are craters everywhere!!! Let it go. Hold my hands. Let’s cry.”

“Heeeeey, wait wait wait, I see something. Hold on, you’ve got a hair there. See it in the mirror? Wait, don’t move. I think I have some tweezers somewhere. Oh my goodness. it’s HUGE! It’s like a tree trunk! Come here, turn toward me…

Well, now I don’t see it anymore.

Wait, go look in the mirror again.

AaaaaAAAh! Help! Help! The tree-trunk has returned.
Ok. Pinpointed its coordinates. Turn toward me again.

… Bahhh, it disappeared again.”

“Actually, ummm, Garance, I don’t see your chin wrinkle anymore. I saw it in the mirror. But now it’s gone. With the naked eye, honestly, there’s nothing there… So what do we do here?”

“We buy this thing, right?”


Ok now, my friends, what do you think?
Are we better off seeing our skin with a magnifying glass and a light to practically blind us?
Or should we just be content seeing our skin with the naked eye and go on ignoring all the scary things that sleep below the surface?

Did we end up buying the mirrors???


*The Star Trek space ship. Yep, sure ! I’m a Sci-Fi fan. I mean, except when it comes to my nose.