Even if my past week was a little miracle of monotony, it didn’t stop me from discovering tons of amazing stuff. Wait, don’t get carried away… These are all amazing things that everyone else already knew about. That said, finding things out after everyone else is like picking up fashions after everyone else : my speciality.

Okay, let’s take a look…

-I discovered why all New Yorkers drink green tea!

At a coffee shop with my friend Kate, she ordered a cup of green tea and she’s cool enough I could ask her, “Naaaaaaa, no no no no. Don’t tell me you actually like green tea. It doesn’t taste like anything!!!! Ooookay, tell me the truth. Why do you drink green tea?”
“But I love green t…”
“I said THE TRUTH!!!”
“Okay okay okay. I hear that if you drink four cups of green tea a day, it’ll reduce the risk of cancer.”
“Aaaaaah ok!”
“And anti-aging. And it’s supposed to be a good weight-loss help.”
Aaaah, well there you go! I jumped right on and ordered a green tea. But really, nothing is better than the delicious Earl Grey from Palais des Thés.

I discovered Pandora!

Yeah, no, I know, shame on me : I didn’t know about this site until Tuesday when during a shoot I was doing I heard the greastest music selection ever.

“Whose playlist is this!?!!!” I shouted out shaking my booty.
“It’s Pandora!!!” 12 people yelled out with a flat, blasé voice.
“Who’s Pandora? This girl is so cooool : we have the exact same taste in music!!!”
That’s when my assistant came to the rescue and discretely told me Shhhh, I’ll explain it to you later…
And ever since, I’ve found so much new music. Yeaaaah!

Really, if you don’t know Pandora yet, guys, you’re not cool.

I discovered Pilates!

Ten years after Madonna and three minutes after my last cookie, I went to my first Pilates class. I was so curious to hop on one of those machines.
It was just me and my teacher, Adrienne, who has such a perfect posture. Thanks to our little private session I realized that :

1/I don’t know how to properly distribute my strength. I do everything with my shoulders, neck and legs. Pilates is going to teach me to re-calibrate all that and use my core… and how to not mess up my neck.
2/ Feeling ridiculous isn’t going to kill you. You know the kind of humiliating positions you have to get in when you see that certain kind of doctor that only sees female patients? Okay. Good. It’s kind of the same thing with Pilates, except you’re wearing yoga pants (luckily).

I figured out how the strange power of yoga pants works, and really, it’s not so pretty. 

Returning to yoga and some of the less advantageous positions AND the stuff that I seem to get after everyone else, the comments that everyone left Emily and me absolutely stunned. No need to go much deeper. It’s all there.

Véronique’s comment : Have you tried to Google “Yoga Pants” ? Millions of yoga bottoms appear in the images. I guess yoga pants are to the american man what Wonderbra was to the french in the 90’s : an eye catcher !

I re-discovered Curb Your Enthusiasm. 

Lolita was the one, who besides being super stylish has the same sense of humor as me (we are both sworn members of the Woody Allen cult) who told me about it. So of course I jumped on it… But I didn’t really love it. (I thought to myself , “Damn… Maybe we don’t have the exact same sense of humor. Boo. And I thought I found a humor soul mate…”).
And then Scott showed me another episode (the one with Seinfeld) and ever since, yep yep yep, I’ve been addicted.

Lolita, open arms over here, my humor sense-of-humor-soul-sister.

PS: What’s so amazing about finding out about a show after everyone else is that you have SEVEN seasons to catch up on… I’ve got some winter nights (yep, winter. I swear, it SNOWED in New York this weekend!) and I’m going to devour episode after episode…

I discovered Laurence Dacade!

I’ll just go ahead and put it out there that I’m 456 years late on this one. I found out about Laurence Dacade in French Elle (because no femme française would be a true femme française without her Elle. I downloaded it thanks to the Relay app Clémence told me about in a comment and it saved my expat life.)(And there’s another example of  something I found out about 20 years after everyone else).

I’m not going to say much more and I know how frustrating it is but this weekend I definitely got some use out of my credit card and I keep expecting my little package to come every second (every time the buzzer goes on, I get so excited like a big puppy.) but really I’m only waiting on one thing and that’s to see these little beauties with my own two eyes and then show them to you. Cross your fingers I ordered the right size.

On that, I’ll let you go. The buzzer just buzzed. Woof! Woof! My shooooooes!!!!

Ahhh wait, one last thing. Photo That Has Nothing To Do With Anything of the week that actually has everything to do with everything!!! THE NEW FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE ALBUM comes out todayyyyyyyy!!! Ah, Florence, yet another I got to after everyone else, even if  actually found her before everyone else. Here she is, a photo I took back in 2008 right before Lungs came out! So cuuuute! (Please excuse my hysterics)

Ever since, I’ve waited while the song was everywhere (even when I heard it on Gossip Girl, it didn’t click) to finally download the album THIS SUMMER, 5676 years after everyone else and finally found out I loved it.

But this time,  I’m taking control of the situations. iTuuuuuuunes, here I aaaaaaaaaam!!!!

Translation : Tim Sullivan