A quick run down of some events of my week…

The photo that doesn’t have anything to do with anything of the week.

Gemma Arterton at the Miu Miu show. Even if I don’t know what she does… Here wait, I’ll google it. Ah, ok  She’s an actress… I find her really mysterious, and so totally classy, so yeah, beautiful.

The I always get duped of the week.

I always get duped by magazines with multiple different covers. Why oh why is everyone so into making multiple covers anyway?

So if you’re like me, you’ll buy the same Elle US three times, and the same iD and Lula twice. Aha, well, maybe it’s good for their sales.

The Are you serious? moment of the week

On a mission for a day lotion for my extra dry skin, I ducked into Sephora on 5th Ave. I took a quick look at the Clinique and Caudalie lines that I like so much and suddenly, a shopgirl with more makeup on than I’ve ever seen before appeared right in front of me. (“I really like your Halloween makeup! Oh… It’s not for Halloween?”)(Naaaah, I thought it but didn’t say it.) who really wanted to give me advice and wouldn’t leave me alone.

Of course, she tries to direct me toward a little jar of lotion for $185 recommended by a supposedly super well known doctor that I’d never heard of and she pretty much told me that if I didn’t buy it, it would be a crime against my skin.

I told her about he simple things that my dermatologist recommended* with her hydrating cream for $25, and the shopgirl said, “Oh, you should know this… Dermatologists don’t have a clue!”


This didn’t stop me from…

Buying some eye-liner with a brush and everything. You can blame it on the new show Pan Am : now I really want to be as pretty as a stewardess.

I know, I know. I’ll never NEVER be able to put it on myself.

At the very worst, if it doesn’t work out, I’ll use it for Halloween. I’ll go ask the shopgirl at Sephora for advice.

Sentence of the week. 

At Daphné’s, in a little pair of panties so she could show me her latest designs, beautiful high-panties with a seam between the cheeks:

“You see how cool these are? They’re so pretty, they compartmentalize your butt!!!”

PS: Scott still can’t believe the conversations I have with my friends. He tries to imagine having similar conversations with his guy-friends and it really just doesn’t work.

Ingredient of the week. 

Have you had Kale show up yet at your house? I looked it up on the internet and apparently in France, it’s called chou frisé (frizzy cabbage) which just seems less exotic. Here in the States, it’s more trendy than cupcakes, and oh man it’s so good if it’s prepared well. If you’d like, I can give you my recipe for a Kale salad and that way you’ll love me forever and ever.

Comment that cracked me up of the week .

Anne, on the Lolita post  :

Your L-O-L-I-T-A is just amazing…

But what do you do if you have pretty much the same shape, except for the standing part (if you look at the picture from far away and squint a little, you can pretend that the legs are straight… yeah…)???

And I’m wondering if the Roger Vivier shoes could fix this for me. Are they magic shoes?

Christmas list! (to add to the imaginary Birkin… You got your Kelly vintage, right? You gonna talk about that again?)


Anne, that image of you is held forever in my heart.

PS : yeah yeah yeah, I got my Kelly vintage!

Purchase of the week.

A pair of Minnetonkas. Five years after everyone else. They’re furry inside and when I wear them, my feet are like the hazelnut in the Ferrero Roche d’Or : just floating in a cloud. I’m still trying to figure out what this new sensation is, but I get the sense they’re not going to be off my feet anytime soon.

I know, I shouldn’t have made fun of Uggs.

A stewardess with Minnetonkas? Aaaaah, aviation… It really isn’t what it once was.

And on that, I’ll stop telling you the story of my life and send you all a big hugs. Wishing you all a good start to your week!


*I’m sorry for this little diversion from my dermatologists no water miracles, but since I finished the last of my product and you can’t find it in the US… So as soon as this all works itself out, I’ll give you a total recap about the whole thing.

Translation : Tim Sullivan