Seeing as I love the “Reader’s Questions” section in the magazines I read (the best are in french Voici – a funny and as shameful equivalent of People magazine, I think, but how would I know seeing as I don’t read Voici at all?!) and I get so many impossible questions (Honestly, I’m the last person that should be giving advice as you’ll see below), I thought we could try to respond together to a few of the questions I’ve been sent.

For example, take this letter from Fanny :

“If you get the time, as I’m sure you have this problem to, can you tell me how do you deal with pant length… especially flares, those that have to be at the perfect length with heels but that also look great with flats during the summer…

Outside of buying two of everything (which I still haven’t done), what’s a good solution?”

And here’s my response:

Hello Fanny! As I’m the type who loves to alternate between flats and heels even in the same day, I have to tell you that I’ve found only one solution to the problem and it’s not pretty – I stopped wearing flares. That said, since when you close the door to one problem you open the window to another (Wait, is that the expression?) I started loving wide leg pants – I bought some at Theyskens Theory, blue ones, and they’re just to die for – that got stuck for a moment with an unfinished hem:

What am I supposed to do? Tailor them to go with heels? But how high of heels? And they look so good with flaaaaats too… Aw shucks, another pair of pants that are going to go un-tailored for six months because I just forget them in some corner of my closet, I said as I walked into my room holding my pants at my waist.

And right then, a lightbulb went off! I realized the amazing thing about wide leg pants : you can wear them high or low on your waist.

High-waisted with flats and low-waisted with heels.

Uhhh. Fanny, I didn’t respond to your question at all seeing as my response doesn’t work with flares which definitely require a much closer fit. To make up for it, why don’t I tell you why I stopped wearing flares…

One day, tired of my 12 inch heels, I got out my security blankets (my ballet flats) from my bag… And rolled up the hem of my flare telling myself there’d be no chance I’d run into anyone that late Parisian afternoon. And off I went on my way.

I almost started finding this little Charlie Chaplin look pretty charming. When suddenly, I ran into…

Carine Roitfeld.

I said hello, absolutely mortified.

She barely glanced down at my feet and really, she’s just so cool I don’t think she took so much of a note of it, but none the less, I stopped wearing flares right then and there. :-)

I guess it’s pretty clear that you’d be a thousand times better than me at giving Fanny advice… What do you guys think?


PS : If you want to ask me any questions that I’ll answer totally off topic, please don’t hesitate. You can send them here.

Translation : Tim Sullivan