It’s so irritating. For a while now, I’ve had these ten vicious little white hairs lost in a sea of brown on my head.

“Don’t touch ’em!!!!” Scott* tells me.

He’s nice and all and I appreciate his taste for all things natural, but I decided that I’m against white hair (on my own head, that is). There’s definitely a debate to be had here, if you’d like, and we can get into the more psycho-philosophical aspects of this whole thing later but in the meantime, for me, I’m against it.

Oh yeah, and on top of that, it’s not like they’re hidden either. These ten little white haired rebels are exactly where I part my hair when I try to pull it back to try to do a super chic hairdo. Not that classy, G.

“Oh you bet I will. I’m gonna do something about this!” I tell him.

And putting words to action, off I went on an epic crusade.

The first thing I actually tried a few months back at my hairdresser. He suggested covering up the few hairs that needed it.
Amazing idea. Looked extra natural. Genius !
The problem is that the whole effect didn’t last very long.

Two weeks later, my white hairs were making their comeback. Oh how I suffer. And as you all know, I’m not the type to go to the hairdresser week in and week out.

But I do like trying new things.

So I tried coloring everything. Three hours (!!!) living in those chemical fumes locked up at the hairdresser, even a super well designed hairdresser, you really have to want to be pretty.

And I really wanted to be pretty.

The result? Mmmmm, not bad. A few strands were a little too light and I almost screamed. “Nooooooo! Highlight disaster! Chainsaw Massacre the colorist!” but really it was fine. It was pretty. Not like it could become my signature style and I could be the Taylor Tomasi of brown hair (that market might be a little too saturated anyway). But it’s good. It’s pretty.

Oooooh, no. Let’s not start talking numbers. Yeah… signature style is expensive.

The good thing is that this one held. I had this color done a month ago and the white hairs haven’t reared their ugly heads. Yeah, a little bit at the roots, but that’s normal.

I was still considering those mixed results, when I ran into my friend Lola with her most amazing hair, all shiny in the Parisian light, shaking out her mane has she laughed with a because I am worth it smile.

“What do you do to have such beautiful color like that?”

“I do it at home! It grows so fast I’d be spending my entire life at the hairdresser. And I like to do it often and it’s just easier at my house. And my hair just does so well with it this way!!!” she says shaking her mane again in the sparkling light.

Yeah yeah…

My mother told me the same thing one day when she asked me to help her touch up her roots.

That day I had decided to be generous and to say yes and so there we were, the two of us, head upside down in the bathroom and me with my hands covered in those special sweatiness plastic gloves. My mom looked like a mummy wrapped in her special hair color attire. It was quite the sight to behold (Old WWI bathrobe and a towel wrapped around her neck). The weirdest chemical smells going straight to our brains, my mother yelling:

“Quick, quiiiiiick, get that little drop of color off my cheek. It’s gonna leave a stain for like two weeks!”

“Wait wait…. What can I wipe it off with?!! (lots of screaming) My hands are covered in color too!!!”

“I dunno, with your elbow?!”

“Ok, ok, wait for it…. waiiiiittttt for it…. OH SHIT I SPREAD IT OUT MORE MOOOOOOTHEEEEER What do I doooooo?!?!?!”

I decided right then and there that women are crazy and that I would never ever ever do home coloring.

But now, of course, because of Lola, I want to try it.

What do you do for your hair?


* Who, as you might be starting to understand, is not only my man, but ALSO, my BFF.

Translation : Tim Sullivan