A big hello from my bed where I’ve spent most of my Sunday buried underneath some less-than-great books, sleeping, daydreaming, and semi-distractly reading these paperbacks, until this very moment when finally, I’ve started writing to you, and I’m writing because I realized something crucial.

It’s 5:30 and I’ve got some hot tea in hand. It’s cold outside and it’s quickly becoming dark out. 

Yeah. You heard me.

It was bound to happen at some point.

It’s AUTUMN!!!!

And since it’s autumn, that means…

It’s cool to spend your weekend lounging in bed reading books with absolutely no literary relevance. 

(You should know, I have a strong weak spot for chick-lit. And since I’ve never found anything that’s really any good, except for Candance Bushnell who really doesn’t write chick-lit nor does she write nearly enough – Candaaaaaaace, could you get moving paaahleeeease?! – I leaf through some pretty darn so-so books…. But with so much joy.)

It’s cool to take a walk through Central Park to go see the leaves turn and get shoveled up – Okay, so maybe I haven’t made it yet because I’ve been spread out on my bed but next weekend, for sure.

It’s cool not to have to get waxed like every day. 

It’s cool to drink four liters of tea a day. And have no shame in tossing in a cupcake on top of that, even if you have had a total lifestyle change. 2 CUPCAKES*? Naaaaahhh, that’s a little much, wait… I’ll call Gwyneth.

It’s cool to check out and watch 48767454363 tv series.

Ok ok, since you insist, here are my new favorites….

The New Girl with Zooey Deschanel, a girl that I didn’t really understand with her it-girl-singer-actress-fringe-girl-dressed-all-in-vintage-with-big-blue-expressive-eyes** thing. But as I’m the type to totally identify an actress with the role she is playing, and her part in The New Girl is extra funny, now I want to meet her!*** ****

Pan Am : I’ve only seen one episode but I’m already dreaming of the next. I saw the next one yesterday, and it was not that good…

Play Boy Club : I don’t believe it!!! It was just so good and get this, they cancelled the show after three epsidoes!!! Dumbasses.

And I’m waiting with breath held for 2 Broke Girls, that I can’t find on iTunes. Found it yesterday evening, was really disappointing.

And just as an FYI and because just like with literature, with TV shows, I’m not the best to get an opinion from – here’s my favorites of all times – in no particular order :

The Sopranos, Sex and the City, Battlestar Galactica, How I Met your Mother, Modern Family, Rome, Damages… Ahhh, I’m forgetting something, I just know it!!!

It’s cool to put on a panther print scarf.

Okay, don’t listen to me. Well I mean it’s fine to wear a leopard scarf, but I threw it there just to make some connection between this whole post and the photo. Without that there was none. I do find Elettra incredibly beautiful and oh so cool with her restaurant project durring fashion week that I’ll talk to you about again just so she’ll do it again next fashion week******.

OOOOOOkay, some truth, the truthy truthy truth I know that you’re about to never read this blog again but I have to tell you that IT’S NICE NOT TO THINK ABOUT FASHION AT ALL. I sure do love it, but after fashion week, I love spending three weeks in NIO (Non-Identifiable Outfits), to Scott’s despair. Sweatpants, scarf, sneakers, sunglasses to disguise my no make-up, and Starbucks in hand. Total LA style. Nooooo, no Uggs. Don’t go too far now. I got the vaccine.


Don’t tell me you haven’t seen this hilarious video….

Uhhhhh, yeah… I guess that’s it.

So all’s well that ends well over here. That said, I’m sure in no time at all, it’ll be way too cold and we’ll all miss the sun and everyone will wonder why we ever said anything nice about autumn.

On that, I’ll let you go. It’s nine in the morning (yeah, I write my posts in little gos with big time lapses in between) and I have to gulp down my first liter of tea.

Autumn, I loooooove you.

Did I forget any other cool stuff about autumn?


* Cupcakes are just so pretty and I like their name, but honestly, they’re not my favorite. I always hate what comes next when I’m feeling all nauseous and feel like I’m about to die from the sudden injection of sugar.

** Ooooo la la, Zoeey, you just say so much with your sparkly eyes. It’s just so Candy Neige André.

*** I know this is dumb. There are a few people I want to meet and then if I finally do I never know what to say.

“Uhhh, your show is so great”


“And uhhhh, outside of that, things are good?”


“Your whole vintage look thing is cool!”


Remind me to tell you about some of the lamentable interviews I’ve done in my life.

**** And now that I’ve said that, Zoooooey will NEVER want to meet me.

******* Her too, I HAVE to meet her at some point ;-)

Translation : Tim Sullivan.