Life is strikingly ironic, I said to myself on the morning of the 5th of october.

That was the day I told you I had spent fashion week wearing flats and t-shirts because of a crazy hot Parisian indian summer. And I was not happy about it.

And at the very same moment… who was on the Sartorialist, wearing all colorful clothes, Gucci hat and Fendi heels ? Yeah.

Don’t go thinking I didn’t see the contradiction, or haven’t read your comments : “Uuuuuh, those are not flats I see you wearing on your boyfriend’s website… Or is there something I am not getting ?”

Ok, ok. So here is the true story of what happened on that Tuesday, the 4th of October.

It all started with the weather. Suddenly, we lost 10 degrees celsius. At last ! I could wear some of the things I had planned for fashion week. Aaaaaaaah !

Carried away by my joy, I chose my vintage Mugler dress that works so well with my Fendi heels that I decided to let the fairy of fashion take away my reason and that I went to Chanel wearing heels. Yeah I know. So crazy.

The outfit was nice but pretty simple, and I got stopped by a few photographers on my way to the show, nothing that would have led me to imagine what would happen later…

Because right after that, it was time to find a dress to go to Carine’s party. I jumped on my magic bike (that thing works so well with heels !) and went to the Gucci showroom, where I had an appointment to try on a few dresses.

Interlude : The Showroom. Sometimes, when you work in fashion and you have nothing to wear for a party, a brand can lend you a dress. Often it’s a lot of frustration to try to get your body (even more if you happen to like croissants) in a sample size dress (sample size = model size = less than zero) and it makes for funny moments (=tears) (I have to tell you all about that – but let’s save it for another post) well anyway, sometimes, you get lucky, and a dress magically just fits you like a glove.

Well, all right, a pretty tight glove… But two hours away from from a “long gown” party (where everybody arrives wearing short dresses except you, but this is a whole other post) you are ready to do anything to close a zipper. Even have four people help you. End of the interlude. Oh no, I almost forgot. Yes, of course, the day after, YOU GIVE EVERYTHING BACK. You Cinderella.

Once there at Gucci, not only did I find a beautiful dress, but on the huge marble fireplace of the showroom I saw, like a set of Ladurée macarons, the wonderful colored hats I’d been dreaming about since the autumn/winter show.

Of course, I immediately shouted out and had to try one. And then, bam : The colors worked so perfectly with what I was wearing that my nice outfit suddenly transformed into a… Vogue fashion spread. Not really exactly me, or maybe a Vogue version of me. But it was irresistible. I decided to borrow the hat.

Envogue-ified, I jumped on my bike, totally unaware that I was riding straight into my fashion icon destiny.

It’s when I got to the Tuileries that I started to feel something was happening. People were staring at me on the street. I was hearing clicks from cameras each time I made a step. People started asking to take my picture. People wanted to have their picture taken with me. Weird. It happened once, twice, three times…

15 minutes later, I had been able to walk like… 20 meters.

I felt strange, neither myself nor another, as if by some spell I was given celebrity or the science of style… Or simply, a hat.

It really was quite funny. But at the same time I wanted to run away from it. And at the same time I felt proud. But at the same time I wanted to tell the photographers : “Seriously ? It’s me!!! Don’t worry I am not going anywhere !!!”

Totally schizophrenic. Oh, and talking about identity crisis, just listen :

A photographer that had just stopped me asked me to hide my camera :
“It’s not really working that way : you look like a blogger !”
It made me laugh so hard. I told him I was a blogger. And I was keeping my camera.

Another one came to ask me who I was. I told him my name, and he told me :
“Yeah, all right. But are you famous ?”

Another came to me to ask me for an autograph. When he understood I was french, he seemed a little bit disappointed.

At some point I ran into Alexandra Golovanoff, who is a celebrity and is used to all that. We started chatting, and when I raised my eyes (you don’t see a lot with those big hats !) I realized we were surrounded by photographers and cameras. Suddenly it was too much.

I don’t know how I did it, but I ran away.
And while escaping, I took off my hat.
And there, in one second, all my envoguement disappeared.

Suddenly, my life went back to normal.

And this is what I was telling Elisa, sitting on a bench at the Tuileries, a few hours after the Valentino show. I don’t know why, but it really made her laugh.

Photo by Scott Schuman

PS : If you want this sort of thing to happen to you (it makes for funny story to tell) remember my post from a few months ago… Already I had told you a hat was making heads turn…