In my suitcase, there are a lot of skirts, but only one dress. Dresses are not a thing I wear a lot except when it’s summer and it’s crazy hot and I have no choice, or I have to go to a level 10 party and I have no choice cause you can’t spend your whole life in a Stella suit.

But looking at Chloe, from Garage magazine, I suddenly had a feeling day dresses want to come back in my life. I realise, I totally love it. I miss dresses.

Well and of course, this is all again Miuccia’s fault (the first dress is a Miu Miu and the second one is a Prada) but as we were talking about the Prada show earlier I thought it would be a perfect time to bring up this critical subject.

No really. Is it just me or are day dresses really making a come back ?