I couldn’t leave London without going to visit my dear Yasmin, who we won’t see at the shows this year : She is 8 months pregnant, so she kind of deserves a break !

I met her in her neighborhood in Shoreditch, and I found her super happy, beautiful, super cool, full of projects and ideas.

In short: with her, pregnancy appears to be the easiest thing in the world.

For me it looks like the most complicated thing in the world, so I asked her a ton of questions and I thought it would be cool to share them here. I also asked you on Facebook and Twitter if you had any questions you wanted to ask her and how funny…

… We had exactly the same :

• Now that you’re pregnant, how has your perspective on style changed?

My perspective on style hasn’t changed but it has been nice to be a little more relaxed these past few months. Heels are out and I’m loving all my boyfriends shirts and T’s even more than I did before.  There’s a big element of letting go when your pregnant as you have no control over how your body changes, so its a bit like whatever works and anything goes!  I love the freedom in that.  I see dressing for pregnancy as quite liberating rather than restrictive.

• How have your yoga, eating and all-around health habits changed?

I have been doing pregnancy yoga and I’m more conscious of what I eat for sure (although I was before also) I do love the taste of coffee but know it make me speedy, imagine the effect is has on such a little thing.  Loads of greens and good oils like udo’s and fish oils for the baby’s brain and my overall well being. I’m getting regular pregnancy acupuncture and trying to sleep well leading up to birth, I figure the most rested i can be now the better before potential madness. There is a very good supplement called Zeolite which detoxify’s your body during pregnancy, I’ve been told breast milk is the most toxic drink in the world as its basically all toxins in your body go to the baby, so obviously you want it to be as clean as possible. There’s also an incredible Ayurvedic paste called Amrit Kalash which is one of the strongest antioxidants in the world, I’ve taken this daily and felt so well the entire 8 months.  In saying all this though,  since I’ve been pregnant I’m consuming an abnormal amount of carrot cake and two chocolate bars daily……

• How do you prepare to balance your work life with being a mom?

I’m sort of hoping its going to work out.   My family are all in Australia and my boyfriends also so we won’t have grandparents around long term, which is unfortunate. Having our own business has its advantages in the sense that i don’t take official time off but can work meetings around my own schedule at the beginning and alot of what I do is about making a decision or direction which doesn’t always have to be time consuming. We do also share a large office space and may even stick a creche in there, I’m lucky to have an incredible team working with me. I’m now planning New York fashion week for FW12 with a nanny and I’ll be renting an apartment in Paris for fashion week rather than a hotel so I can take baby and nanny with me.  Time to really show off my multitasking skills