You remember when I was talking about my new obsession with the nail salons in New York?

Aaaaah the joy of discovery, so delicious the first time, blinded by its newness… So here’s a brand new opinion on the whole thing, literally one year later :

My nails are totally wrecked.

So after a year of going to the nail spa almost every week (that’s what you need to do to have nails as perfect as the photo here), you’re gonna have to forgive me in advance for giving a little TMI, but:

My nails split (yuck!), turned a bit yellowish (ewwww!), and even got these little fluorescent white spots that I think show up under the black-lights at clubs making a pretty cool disco-ball. Luckily I’m not out at the club ever (and what am I talking about?).

It’s that the girls in the nail spas have such a field day with the buffer. And I have a feeling that having your nails hidden under polish 365 days a year doesn’t do much to help their health. And even if I say loud and clear “no buffer!!!” they don’t care and just sneak a little bit in anyway.

It hit me this summer and so I decided to start doing things myself again. It’s not as perfect, but my nails are coming back to life.

I came back to basics. No nail polish.

I know what you’re going to tell me… Garance! Manicures are like everything else!!! You can do it, but just not all the time!”

Garance, Garance, Mod-Er-A-Tion!!!

Pffffff, life is so not funny.

Ooook, I’ll let you go, I’ve gotta go do my auto-manicure.

PS: The pretty hands in this picture are not mine. They belong to Bianca and it’s a picture I took during a shoot that Scott did for Vogue Italy, I thought the hands were so pretty. Julie Kandalec did the nails.

And now that I think about it later on I’ll show you another photo from backstage of that shooting that’s just too funny.

Translation : Tim Sullivan