I also love her style, but I can’t help going back to her hair as I find it gives her a fantastic allure.

And you know what ?

Beware, I am about to turn the whole subject to me, I warn you.

You know what ? I think I have the same hair. Pretty much.

It’s weird. Since I’ve had my Keratin Treatment, my hair has changed. It’s more curly and it has more volume than it ever had before. I’d heard these things happen. Just know it if you’re about to have a Keratin Treatment!

But even if I love Naz’s hair, on me it just doesn’t work. Sometimes on an bold day I let them dry naturally, find it super cute and just go out like that, but after five minutes I have that feeling everybody’s looking at my big hair and there you go, I put it up.

I’ve heard it’s not good to wear it up all the time. Unless you make a very loose bun, it breaks the hair. And it’s even worse if you do that on wet hair… Which I do all the time. Just know this if you have them up all the time !

But why are we able to love on others what we can’t stand on ourselves ?