I was strolling around with Nicole and Delphine at the Art in the Streets fair – which I would definitely have told you to go if it hadn’t already ended – and I suddenly gasped when I saw these photos.

I could never be as brave as Erin Wasson – I’ve never skateboarded – that stuff is scary!!! – but I spent the ages of 14 through 17 on the side of a skate park or watching my friends literally wreck the street furniture. Not that we’d ever say something like “street furniture,” unless we were making fun or something. At the same time, I gotta say, back then we literally spoke only in onomatopoeias.

Yeah, so we weren’t the sharpest tools in the shed. The guys only thought about doing ollies and smoking joints and the girls only thought about dating the guys, just to give you a taste of the atmosphere.

That said, back then, I met the best friend of my life, Anne. One of our bright minded friends had publicly compared our breast sizes (just so you know the depth of our conversations) the first time we met, and so we ended up fighting about it (no seriously, you really have to be dumb – or be 14 – to play at the stupid games of boys) for an hour, until we were just cracking up and becoming the best friends in the world.

But you have to understand us.

The skaters were so beautiful. And so cool!

Well, okay, hot only when they were on their boards, actually.

When they weren’t rolling at high-speeds, you could had the time to realize that their voices where still squeaky and they were as pimply as every teenager.

But that’s why I gasped when I saw these photos. Skateboarding, it’s so beautiful. And in the photos, the light, the hardness of the asphalt and the fluidity of the movements (captured by Hugh Holland in California in the 70s) sent me far off daydreaming.

What’s nice is that today, you don’t need to be a groupie anymore. Take a look at the photos, and I promise you, THAT’S ENOUGH. Aren’t I right, Anne?


These photos are put together in a book edited by Steve Crist called Locals Only. It’s super cool. Big hugs!

Translation : Tim Sullivan