Since I can’t spend my entire life in 6 inch heels (says the girl who hasn’t put her foot in a pair of heels since April) and as I can’t have my only pair of sneakers be my super ugly running shoes (And no, they aren’t the ones with the toes separated. No way!) I took a quick look-see around the sports shoe shop, tried on a whole bunch, and ended up deciding that white Converse are my sole salvation. (ha!)

I know. How original of me. I’m such a trendsetter. I’ve outdone myself.

Okay fine, as soon as you’re done mocking me, just sit for a few seconds on THE big question here:


A pair of white Converse, yes. But high-tops or low-tops?

Scott swears only by low-tops.

I’m more of a high-top. For me, they’re the only true Converse. High-tops, yep. With the star on the side.

I remember an interview with Charlotte Gainsbourg where she said that she wore low-tops with jeans and high-tops with skirts, which sent my into a vicious existential crisis.

What do you think? Which ones do you like more? Low-tops, high-tops or just be like Charlotte and have both? Or no Converse at all? Or bend it like Victoria Beckham and only wear 10 inch Louboutin heels? Or be like Demarchelier and only wear giant sneakers? Or like Anna Wintour and only wear the.. The same strap shoes? Or like… Okay, I’ll stop with all this.

All right, Converse, low-top or high-top?

Translation : Tim Sullivan