Every morning since we’ve been in Montauk, we’ve been having breakfast at Ruschmeyer’s, a new restaurant-hotel with a super great surf-summer camp ambience – It’s the same team from the Surf Lodge, remember ? The food is healthy and delicious and there’s this backyard with tons of summer games, ping pong, badminton… the only thing I miss is a foosball table and then I would be the happiest girl as I could kick everybody’s ass. Yep. I am a foosball pro.

Ok now, Why was I saying all that to you ? I am on vacation so I tend to do whatever pops into my head. Here I am, back from breakfast… So I talk about b…

Oh yeah ! Got it. My breakfast. I wanted to introduce you to my breakfast.

I don’t know if you remember my resolutions but I sort of had to give up on my beloved and very french tartines (bread, butter, jam) (yes) because of the subsequent explosion of almost all my jeans (Like the baggy becoming a slim ? You get the idea.). I changed a few other things too – the way I eat, started exercising a little… And… Well it looks like it’s working. I am not yet a master of fitness and nutrition at all (and will never be) but I’ll talk to you some more about my body adventures. I’ll try to not write a novel, I swear.

Well anyway, for now I just wanted to introduce you to my breakfast. There is even spicy avocado inside, which is weird but so good. And the juice is celery – cucumber – spinach and apple. Which sounds awful but tastes delicious.

All right, I am off to the pool ! Kisses !

P.S. If  you know of any super cool people or places to shoot while I’m out here in the Hamptons, send me an email or let me know in the comments! xx