I have the most sublime friend, the kind of friend that is just so sublime you want her opinion on everything: what kind of moisturizers she uses (you never know, sometimes sublimity is found in small fancy packages), what kind of diet she follows (seeing as you are what you eat, she probably eats really cool stuff) and where she gets her bike fixed (sublime women know everything. Everyone knows that).

So of course, I was in the middle of asking her a million questions when out of nowhere, I asked her how old she was.

And you know what?

She didn’t know.

No seriously. She didn’t know how to answer my question.

She thought about it and ended up telling me that one thing she could tell me was that… She wasn’t 30.

I was surprised, embarrassed for having asked, and also I found that charming.

I should add though that I knew my friend wasn’t 20, and so obviously, not anywhere near 30. Proof that sublimity is ageless. So why try put it in a box and ask her age?

At the same time, I think the modern woman should have no problem saying her age like Inès de la Fressange who talks openly about her 50 years on this earth and makes being 50 super cool? And she is no less sublime and no less charming. And maybe even more so, because speaking openly about your age is a perfectly seductive trait.

I don’t know what to think.

Do you tell people your age?

What… Me?

Of course I tell people my age!!!

I just turned 18.

Translation : Tim Sullivan