So as I had made that promise that I would take care of myself, that the season is perfect for this and that I am in Paris, I payed a visit to my dermatologist that I love as much as I exhaust her with my questions.

No, really.

I arrived there with list as long as a day of June typed on my Iphone, with all the little imperfections I could find on my face, with geo-localisation and all. I won’t copy the list here cause I do care a little about my reputation, but I can give you an exemple because, like Pete Doherty, I don’t care so much about my reputation.

“On forehead right side up 3cm from the brow, a little spot that seems to be permanent”

Oh, shut up. You speak all the dermatologico-medical langage you can.

Aaaah, my dermato (as we say in France). She’s nice.

She looked at my list, looked at my skin, and told me : Your skin is very good. It’s just exhausted. The only thing you need is to :

Stop water.

I almost started to cry. I’ve been told for years that water is not good for my skin (is it good for anybody’s skin ?) but I resist. I rebel. For me, being clean equals using water and something that foams a lot. I knew that one day at the turn of my century, I would pay the price of my mindlessness, but not unlike Pete Doherty, I prefered to ignore the advice of people who cared for me.

I was always choosing the dark side of the force, and that is to say : WATER.

Well anyway. I won’t make a list of the lotions my dermato gave me to turn me into this new woman with naturally photoshopped skin – like Pete Doherty I like to try things on myself first.

I won’t tell you either the endless dilemmas I’ve had to face since I’ve stopped water, like, I wash my hair, how do I do to not have water drip on my face, huh ? Or the terrible relapses I’ve had when I am under the shower and can’t help but put my face directly under the full pressure with a stupid smile – A crime against the skin of my dreams, but that’s hey that’s my doggy side : I just love to do that.

Have you ever quit water? Is there any patch or acupuncture for that? Is it really possible that one day I will forget the pleasure of splashing my face with water and some of that wonderful Caudalie foaming cleanser?


Oh, yeah, as for our friend the “On forehead right side up 3cm from the brow, little spot that seem to be permanent”, here is my dermato’s answer :

In our dermatologico-medical langage, we call that a beauty spot. Garance. Relax.