Just a little question this morning. It’s about skirts.

Do you ever wear skirts? Short skirts? High waisted* short skirts?

In that case, have you ever been in a situation where, once seated, you skirt goes up so high on your legs that you end up almost butt naked on the seat (or the sofa, or the taxi, or the park bench… Ewwwww)?



This is purely hypothetical, has nothing to do with what happened to me last time I wore the new gold Zara skirt I just bought…


NB : It doesn’t look like the same thing happens with low waisted skirts, and it kinda makes sense, cause when the skirt is low waisted it’s following the movement of your butt and doesn’t stay up on your waist like a stupid high waisted skirt. What do you mean you don’t understand? What do you mean I am writing so small cause I not proud of myself? What do you mean?