We’re so happy at the studio. We just got I don’t know how many of the t-shirts you see in the picture. These are the ones I made for Elle UK… Okay, made, you know what i mean… I did the illustration – I have no idea how to sew, or spin cotton (oh man, this post is off to a good start… Here we go).

We started by having a little in-home fashion show (yep, because Studio + Home = Same place), and then we thought about how awesome it would be to send some to our friends, and then we thought it’d be awesome to send some to you, seeing as most of you don’t live in the UK and can’t buy them with the magazine. But seeing as we can’t send one to everyone in the world, we thought it’d be awesome if we put together a little contest. And then we thought that it’d be awesome if we stopped using the word awesome all the time.

We made the t-shirt picture and then tried to figure out how to make the contest as fun as we could.

After 8 hours of intense brainstorming (=3mins), we came up with the most awesome fantastic idea (yeah, we really like self-congratulating ourselves. I mean, did you catch the title of the post?)

If you want to win a t-shirt (or even if you don’t want to win a t-shirt, you can join in too), you have to respond to this question:

– What is the worst fashion/beauty/love (so yeah, everything) advice that’s ever been given to you? –

If you can answer in less than 140 characters (what? No, we’re not copying from Twitter!), and as funny as can be, you can submit them to submissions@garancedore.fr ASAP and very soon, we’ll have found some way or another to figure out who gets a t-shirt delivered right to her door with a sweet little note.

And then we can publish your responses on the blog with your name or your handle and we can share all the terrible advice we’ve received…

Tell me if you don’t understand what I’m trying to get across here. I’m at the Studio (= at the house) all morning. I’m going to go get a latte around 10 or 10:30, but otherwise, I should be around. Big hugs!

Oh okay, I can’t leave you with giving you at least one, “You know, best idea is to not worry at all about hair removal, it’ll eventually fall out all on its own. Look at my legs!” —-> My 75 year old next door neighbor, so proud of her smooth calf. Ew.

All right now send me a toooooon of terrible advices, I can’t wait!!!

Translation : Tim Sullivan