Weird. I find it impossible for me to wear long skirts (never found a flattering one) but I love long dresses. And looking at those pictures and loving the dresses I realised I own only one.

Mmmmn no, it’s not that one here, this one is a wonderful Pucci one. Oh by the way the top picture is a Derek Lam worn by the beautiful Kate Davidson Hudson, who is pregnant (another great thing with long dresses, you can wear them when you’re pregnant!).

No, mine is that one here, and it’s all torn at the bottom cause I keep on wearing it with flats even though it’s cut for high heels (What? Me? Having it taken in? Ahah!). Oh and of course I trip on it all the time, which makes me laugh even though it’s dangerous. Imagine? Killed by a dress? With a coconut in her hand?

But it will all work out : I just got back to New York and saw the word “sale” on the windows of a lot of shops. Hehe.