After getting back to New York and spending an entire day under my bedspread* drinking tea, I think it’s about time to fill you in on my new upcoming projects.

Just a warning, after the next two minutes, you’re gonna be laughing about me.

Nooooooo, but you gotta understand where I’m coming from.

I was so very unprepared for all this..

What I mean to say is that models, even the top of tops I see them all the time, girls with beautiful faces, style, all that. I’m so happy that the girls in magazines are no longer inaccessible unreal beauties, but I’ve talked to you about all that.


I remember the day I saw Charlize Theron at a Dior show when suddenly time stopped. This one woman… So beautiful. With those shoulders, those breasts, that lightly golden skin, almost this sublime alien beauty. She had a light smile and this confidence that you can’t even begin to comprehend if you’re only 20 years old (you’ve got tons of other great stuff at 20, so don’t worry).

In Cannes, I met and photographed some of the most sublime women.

I’ll show you some of the shots in the days to come, but I’m not going to go writing paragraph after paragraph about how beautiful they are each time. Actually, I’m not sure just how you made it through my paragraph on Charlize Theron. It’s just too heavy to talk about this stuff, ahah.

So I’ll say nothing and you’ll recognize them.

In the photo in the Chopard salon, Eva Herzigova, a most lovely woman with a beauty to fall for.

So I’ve got my work cut out for me in the weeks to come. I think you’ll understand where I’m coming from** but goodness, these girls make me want to get to work.

My projects to come include giving a little extra love and attention to my skin, teeth, hair. and body and I wanna tell you everything I’m doing (I figure we’ll have a few laughs together). In the meantime, send me your favorite places or if you have a favorite specialist or little things that changed your life (I mean your beauty life, not your life life :)). Oh oh oh yeah, and also, if there’s anything I really shouldn’t try, send me that too.

For example, one of the things that changed my life was laser hair removal***. Keratin Treatment, well… Didn’t.

What was it for you?


* Not only is there no Festival Cannes here, but its grey…. and COLD. Brrrrrr.

** Yeah, okay, I think I know why. Not just because they are sublime and because I think I’m going to turn myself into a top model, pffff nope. It’s because they give off this image of being in great shape and perfectly healthy and they don’t hesitate to say that they take good care of themselves. No more saying that they’re just super lucky to be like that.

Okay, also summer’s oh so soon.

*** But I didn’t get everything done because I’m o not organized, so here’s to the first thing being put on my beauty list to come. How higly fascinating, I know!

Translation : Tim Sullivan