Funny story, back in December, I was in Australia during summer over there and of course, spent lots of time with Cisco, took some photos, and then got back to New York and it was so cold outside and suddenly my Australian photos seemed a world away from my giant winter coat and Sorels. I almost forgot all about them.

And then yesterday, I came across them again and they took on a whole new meaning…

I love all the tie dye stuff Cisco wears. Most of it comes from Ksubi, a most awesome Australian brand (Cisco is the designer’s wife, aha well lookie there). All these clothes would’ve been a perfect inspiration for Coachella now that I think of it.

Why didn’t I think of this before? I probably would’ve been a little less all over the place with my New York City girl look. Ahhh I gotta tell you all about it.

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Translation : Tim Sullivan