So dancing around half-naked wasn’t the only thing I did in California (there’s so much I need to catch you all up on, especially Coachella, but I haven’t had a second to write between the road trip and my mom and sister getting here this weekend, which, of course, requires my constant attention. But I was able to sneak away for two seconds and sent them off to go walk around the West Village). So yeah, no, I didn’t just dance around half-naked.

I did get a chance to make a little detour to visit the famous Napa Valley and see my friend Michèle.

I knew Michèle from her modeling career. I took her photo a while back. We got along fabulously.  We met up again and she told me all about her wine which is named Lorenza (her middle name) and that she is a producer in the Napa Valley, where she grew up and knows like the back of her hand.

So that’s where we met up, with Scott, and she took us for quite the little tour (oh my goodness, Napa Valley is beautiful). We tasted her wine (a delightful light rosé), met her mother Mélinda, who she works with (her mother is a wine consultant. It’s definitely a family passion…) and she talked to us a little about the universe of connoisseurs which seemed oddly reminiscent of the fashion industry.

I thought the whole profession was incredibly glamourous. I think it’s wonderful how she exists in two totally different worlds, one day on a shoot and the next testing the acidity of her grapes…

I want to explain to Sacha, my little 16 year old sister, who has no idea the possibilities ahead when she grows up, that there are career choices way off the beaten path, and that’s it’s the passion you put in it that makes it glamorous…

Michèle and Mélinda have a website and for that matter, a blog as well. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send them over. I’ll try to send my mom and sis’ out to the East Village so I can respond… Oh, and click on the arrows to see all the photos. Big hugs!

Translation : Tim Sullivan