Raaaah, I’ve got so much to say about these photos I feel like I’m going to explode!!!

#1 My friend Cisco I met in Australia – you practically were there too, ahhh the life of a blogger… is moving to New York soon and you have no idea how happy that makes me. And in pretty much the coolest apartment as well. AND she’s going to teach me Pilates (I have a feeling we’ll be laughing a lot).

#2 – The suit my friends, the suuuuuit! Two weeks ago I finally bought the suit that I’ve been dreaming about. I was just so tired of not having anything to toss on quick in case of some chic last minute party. Mine is black, I found it at Stella McCartney and wore it one night and as I totally fell in love with myself in it, I started dreaming I was Bianca Jagger.

As one fantasy leads to another, off I went back to dreamland… And next on the list was of course a white suit…

#3 – But I never thought that there would be one at… Zara! And I don’t say that lightly as I must spend half my time there. But Cisco, no problem for her (Damn this girl has style!). A few days ago, in the middle of a frantic last minute shopping escapade that we all know too well, she ended up at Zara where she found that white suit.

The night she wore it she didn’t have anything on underneath and was wearing super high heels -I can’t even imagine just how much sexytude must’ve been floating around, but I just love this toned down cool version à la Gainsbourg with a pair of chucks.

Ahhhhh, I’m gonna dress like this every day, you just wait.

Translation : Tim Sullivan