For the most part, in terms of nail-polish, a blueish red is enough to make this girl happy*.

Problem is that it starts chipping and I haven’t a second to get to the nail bar**, and I end up being that nervous girl hiding her nails during an important meeting when I’m supposed to be passing for a Perfectista***.

So to overcome my maintenance problems this spring, I’ve got a new idea:

The nail-polish in the photo. I love it!!! Unfortunately, these sublime hands don’t belong to yours truly, and the person to whom these most sublime hands belong totally forgot the name of the nail-polish color.

Some would call it nude, but its color is more subtle than that. That’s why I’ve decided to call it Brilliant Granny, seeing as they make me think of the beautiful and somewhat strange colors that grandmothers were wearing before they started wearing neon nail-polish just like everybody****.
And brilliant because I think it’s gotta last a lot longer than a red that self-destructs in three days. And when it does start to chip, I don’t think you’ll really notice.

This’ll be good for the special low-maintenance post***** that I’ve got simmering on the back burner for you******.

So here’s a long post to say…. absolutely nothing at all. But perhaps to ask you three questions :

Do you have any idea where to find Brilliant Granny nail-polish?
Can you venture a guess as to whom these hands belong?
Don’t you think this lion ring is just the cutest ever?


* Like Forever Yummy or Essie – Oh, I just love the names of nail-polish.

** I gotta add though, that whenever I get one of those spa menus in front of me, I just start getting everything possible, all the weirdo massages and out I go, three hours later, late and in various states of disrepair.

*** Perfectista, yep, you know who I’m talking about : The perfect woman with even skin, eternally shiny nails and socks that always match –even the sports socks.

***.2 : Ha, seriously, is there anyone out there that would believe that I’m a Perfectista with everything I put on here everyday? I mean c’mon!

***.3 : Oh, I know what you’re going to say, WHAT ABOUT NAIL-POLISH REMOVER? Well. Every time I go on a trip and bring nail-polish remover, it explodes all over my suitcase. So… NO NAIL-POLISH REMOVER.

**** I mean really now? You can’t even be (more or less) young and rebel (more or less) by wearing neon nail-polish. Too bad.

***** low-maintenance = the absolute minimum necessary beauty things to do for those of us too lazy to do anything more.



******  But I’m too lazy to get this one together.

Translation: Tim Sullivan