Here’s one of my fashion week stars. Constanza Pascolato from Brazilian Vogue has always impressed me. Something about her beauty, her style…

I’d never dared try to talk to her, and even less tried take her picture, but I’d always loved her style, a mix of discrete and super bold pieces, some super age-appropriate (perfectly brushed hair, precious jewels, well thought-out lengths and never too much skin…) and  some of the last pieces of the season, whether it’s Valentino studded kitten heels in every imaginable color or the last leather rockab’ jacket by Miu Miu.

And then one day, she came up to me and in the most perfect French, she says to me, “J’aime beaucoup votre blog !”

And ever since then, I’ve been much more relaxed around her and we’ve talked about tons of stuff, but mostly her outfits, things she’s wearing, and other stuff she no longer wears because it doesn’t quite fit with her age. Without realizing it, she’s teaches me quite a bit. She talks about her age really freely and with a touch of gallows-humor, like Carine Roitfeld who says that at some point, she decided to let her skirts get a little longer.

I have a huge admiration for women who have enough perspective of themselves to let their wardrobe evolve throughout each period of their lives. It’s not so much about imposing skirt length, but just keeping a ever curious and loving eye on themselves. The kind that makes life a long and fantastic adventure.

Translation : Tim Sullivan