These past few months, I’ve…

Bought an awesome bike. Red and black, vintage. It’s a Schwinn – the brand is extra cult (and it better be with a name like that)(that’s what Scott told me at least. I don’t know a thing about bikes.). I even changed out the seat so it would be just as vintage and cult as my bike. It’s so beautiful that I just leave it right there in the middle of my living room and even got my photo taken with it.

Result : Yesterday, I went to Brooklyn on the bike. The gears just kept switching and I became almost hysterical. On top of that, if you heard someone screaming at the top of their lungs on the Brooklyn Bridge, it was me, yep : A vintage seat is hard as wood. Ouch. Pain. Pain in unspeakable places. No good.

Succumbed to the lady bag trend. And bought a Delvaux bag, vintage, super pretty, looks like the Celine Classic or the Hermès Constance that my frinds have, but cooler than cool (let me just tell myself my own stories, please) seeing as it’s a Delvaux (the Hermès of Belgium! How do you not know them yet?)(Yeah, ok, ok. I didn’t know who they were either when I bought it.)(Okay, so it’s the Flemish Schwinn of leather goods. Super cult.) And right there inside, I can put my wallet, my keys, my telephone… And that’s it. Period. So minimalist, so chic, so fashion.

Result : Who’s that girl with a plastic shopping bag over there? Yep, that’s me. And all my friends too all now have two bags, one of them absolutely sublime, and the other is whatever they could get their hands on to carry all the stuff they actually need. Those lady bags are just too small, and that’s that. So minimalist they’re too minimalist.

Found a beautiful and super feminine watch. Super thin, super delicate, super… Old. The kind of watch you have to wind every night, you know? That kind everyone tells you that you get used to it super quick, and it even becomes a nice little habit, a gentle ritual yada yada yada.

… And getting to a meet up four hours ahead of time, that’s a gentle ritual too perhaps?

God, I’m just not made for this kind of thing.

Result : Back to my old steel Rolex. It winds it self up all on its own, and I don’t even have to change the batteries. Just move my arms and it recharges.

With a little effort, I should be able to at least do that.

Result of the Results (Okay, yeah, conclusion, we’ll call it). : Maybe it’s time I stopped judging things solely based on their appearance. And maybe it’s time that I chill out a bit on the vintage.

Maybe. But yeah, maybe not.

We’ve got the right to live a life of inconvenience, am I right?


Okay wait.

Inconvenient’s okay.

Except for the bike seat. My love of vintage stops right there. Oooooouuuuuuchhhh!

Translation : Tim Sullivan