Well… My signature. I mean Dianna’s signature. You see her orange lipstick in the picture? Well that’s really her thing. Magazines call it a signature look. The little fashion thing that belongs to you and only you, one that you always go back to, whatever the trend or season.

For example :

Emmanuelle Alt and her blazers.

Alexa Chung and her flats.

Taylor Tomasi Hill and her red hair

Franca Sozzani and her kitten heels

Anna Dello Russo and her giant fruits on her head.

Nicole Kidman and her Botox.

Jenna Lyons and her glasses.

Bianca Jagger and her white suits.

Elisa Nalin and her little scarves in her hair…

For my signature look, weeeeell. I don’t think I have one. Wait. I’ll ask the people at the studio… Ok well they are saying whatever’s coming to mind to make me feel good, my men’s shirts, my jean jumpsuits, Scott is saying cropped pants…

But I say, if you can’t think of it in a second, then that’s not a signature look !!! Oh well, I should be fine without one…


Aaaah, here are more signature looks, found by some of my friends in earshot, Wednesday 3.37PM :

Delphine my agent in NYC : Julia Restoin and her mini-dresses.

Caley, my assistant : Bill Cunningham and his blue shirt.

Cara, Scott’s assistant : Carolina Herrera and her white shirts.

Dryce, fantastic trench designer : Hamish Bowles d his colored socks.

Scott, best photographer in the world : Leigh Lezark and her no-smile.