I really liked this Louis Vuitton collection – almost like those things you’re not allowed to like…

Especially as a friend of mine jumped on me after the show to tell me how revolted she was by the fetish and severe aspects of the collection – the references to The Night Porter took her thoughts to places much darker than the ones I experienced during the show. I didn’t say anything.

I liked the clothes, I liked the accessories and Marc Jacobs’ sense of humor, the handcuffs evoking the fetishist love some women have for fashion accessories. And the delight with which some of them submit themselves to a discipline they believe fashion imposes.

I liked the mise-en-scène, those beautiful escalators going up and down with each model and their super chic operators. And I liked the casting.

I liked seeing Kate Moss on the catwalk, nonchalant, cigarette in hand, not so young anymore, but just as scandalous and larger-than-life.

She reminded me of Jeanne Moreau, of forgotten movie stars, and that lost mystery.


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Translation : Tim Sullivan